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Real lava stone beads set on a strong and durable cotton thread with decorative tassel and gold thread detail


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Are you looking for the perfect mala necklace to combine your own style and your meditation practice? Our mala necklaces are more than just a trendy necklace. With its 108 unique authentic lava stones beads, it won’t only comfortably wrap around your neck, but it will be the perfect accessory whatever your style is, besides giving a calmer mind, body and soul. Lava stone brings serenity, courage, self-confidence and strength to overcome life difficulties. Since it comes from the depths of Mother Earth, it carries rooting and anchoring to the present moment so you can leave past behind and welcome future fearless and peaceful.

Take your outfit one step further and define your own style with our timeless lava stone beads mala necklace. Being real stones of nature, our malas are unique jewels of which no two are alike. Some marks and irregularities are not flaws but signs of its natural materials and handmade process. The 108 stones are set on a strong and durable cotton thread that makes it very comfy to wear.

Simple and elegant, this powerful mala necklace is a wonderful choice to dress up your neck and the perfect present for friends and loved ones. Light and so easy to put on and take off, this colorful mala will be an stylish way to distinguish yourself, because difference is in small details.

The mala is made in boho style which makes it an ideal option for the bohemians, so
get one and wear it at any occasion. Our accessory is perfect for both everyday looks and special moments. Try to mix it with another accessories or wear it alone. Whether you combine it or not, its exclusive design it’s meant not to be unnoticed.

★58 cm long.
★Made of 100% natural lava stone.
★Each piece of the mala is deeply tested to ensure that defect free and quality oriented products are delivered to our valuable customers.
★Colour/brightness may slightly differ from the pictures, due to individual monitor settings.
★Comfortable to wear.
★It is hypoallergenic.
★More durable than you can expect.
★Perfect gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend/life partner at any special or routine events.

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